Working Towards Responsible and Sustainable Data Science in the Humanitarian Sector

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The Humanitarian Data Science and Ethics Group (DSEG), informally established in June 2018, is an open group  of data scientists, humanitarians, researchers, and ethics advocates . DSEG convenes diverse voices aiming to create a shared understanding of the ethical issues arising from humanitarian data discussions. It is designed to lead practical and operational discussions to better understand the identified and unintended risks that may accompany the well-intentioned applications of data science methods in the humanitarian sector.

This website includes publications by DSEG, an "Applied Ethics Toolkit" which organisations can use when designing and implementing data science projects, and a list of helpful resources. Soon we will include information about our members and partners' humanitarian data science projects.


DSEG invites humanitarian organisations, technologists, ethicists, academics and all other interested parties to join our group. It is where debates and decisions at the cutting edge of humanitarian data ethics takes place. By joining, you will have access to diverse expertise, and we hope that you will contribute your own in return. Members can connect with one another on our forum, can add helpful resources to our library, can make suggestions for new tools or templates, and add upcoming events to our calendar.